Our Features

  • Unique Account Number
    All our users are issued with a unique account number which they can use to fund their account
    The account number and our partner bank is available on all mobile banking app. (Only nigeria and UK Users)

  • Fund Account
    Users can fund account via their unique account number or through debit or credit cards

  • Withdrawal
    Withdrawals are instant and a notification will be sent

  • Physical Cards
    We issue physical debit cards to our users in Nigeria Nationwide

  • Virtual Cards
    (Naira and US Dollar virtual cards are available)

    Accepted in all platforms

  • Cross border Transfer
    Tranfser your funds with us accross UK Africa and USA. Our fees rates are the best

  • In App Transfer
    Tranfser your funds between users within Easy Tender anywhere in the world

  • Trade Giftcards
    Trade your Giftcards with and get credited instantly. Click here to tade your card

  • Currency Exchange
    Swap USD NGN GBP and more currencies worldwide. Get the equavilent in your local currency instantly

  • KYC
    We take utmost interest in the safety of our customers funds and as such you will be requested for series of KYC

  • SMS Alert
    We send instant SMS Alert for all funding through account number and all withdrawal to bank

  • Livechat Support
    You cant be left in the dark as our support team are always available and will respond to your needs withing few minutes